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MangaFrame By Mangorium

MangaFrame By Mangorium

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For a complete manga collection 

The tech device that will change your  manga collections forever

Visualize and loop clips from your favorite anime or manga in seconds and let yourself be transported to the world of your favorite characters 

One Mangaframe, endless possibilities

We leave you freedom of expression. You can freely upload the edits or clips you prefer, whether they are anime, movies or other genres, it will play your clips regardless of the content

So you don't have to buy one for each character, you just need one and you will be ready to customize your collection




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The best way to personalize your manga collection

Add your favorite edits
Admire an illustration of your favorite manga in high resolution
Or enjoy the soundtrack of your favorite work while you enjoy your manga

Level Up your Manga collection

Forget static, ugly, and unpersonal collections
With this you will finally be able to get the collection you want.
Add the edits you like the most and enjoy a breathtaking atmosphere

Crystal-clear images

Detailed images, no poster will ever beat the quality. You can also change it whenever you want

Plug and play set-up

It doesn't need formatting or configuration. Our frame is ready to use, you just have to connect it to your PC, drag the file into the appropriate folder and you are ready to enjoy it

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  • Deep customization, very deep

    You can upload any edit or clip you want

    And not only that, you can upload them in sequence to create your own loops of your favorite characters

    8GB storage is enough for 100 edits you find on TikTok

  • No wires around

    You won't have to power it constantly, just recharge it and you can enjoy clips for up to 16 hours of loop playback

  • High resolution display

    Crystal clear images, no too many pixels in your collection. Only high fidelity and crystal clear images

Over 1.7M Views on Social

We are expanding more and more, join us, there are many new features and in addition you will become part of a community of enthusiasts just like you